May - September 2015

At Shanti Dom selfless service is an important part of each day. With open hearts and open minds we create a unique world far away from habitual social and material life. This is a place where action is guided by love and goodwill, where we follow the rules of purity and humanity. We believe in a happy and harmonious life in close contact with Nature, and Self. We understand our responsibility for this world and its resources, and believe that the present and future of our world depends on each of us.


Yogic philosophy and practice create the environment here at Shanti Dom. Practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation, nonviolence, honesty, acceptance, selfless service and many other aspects of yoga create a very healthy, bright and positive atmosphere among everyone here.


We eliminate usage of chemical elements in construction, farming and other spheres of our life. We use only natural compost in our garden so the vegetables and fruits we grow are absolutely organic and eco friendly. We do not leave any garbage behind us, everything is recycled by us or by special organizations.


We take care of the surrounding flora and fauna, cleaning the nearest forests and rivers, constructing bridges, building houses for the birds and ants, etc. One of our next projects is the renovation of a marshland that is attached to our farm.


We eat only vegetarian food (including dairy). Some vegetables and fruits are grown in our garden, the rest we get from local organic farms. We practice this diet for many reasons but especially because we don’t believe in violence. Since we don’t eat any type of meat there is always other protein (beans, nuts, diary, etc.) in our daily ration. We charge only 1 USD per meal just to cover our expenses.


We are always happy to welcome volunteers ready to help us to create this small and bright island of harmony and happiness. We don’t use any paid work in the project (except for a few things we can’t  physically make without professionals), so any type of help is both needed and highly appreciated. Profit made by the project goes towards its further development. Our progress is attained thanks to the enthusiasts from all over the world.


There are several small villages around us, and each of them has many elderly people who live alone and are happy to receive any help from us. We look after their animals, work in their gardens, and help clean their houses. They thank us with fresh cow milk, honey, and precious gratitude. Some kids projects are also taking place here.

Construction and different building projects.

We have a 630m house (old wooden school building) that we would like to reconstruct to create a yoga hall, a kitchen, and a bedroom for 6-10 people. We are also going to build a nursery for our garden, play field, etc.


Eco-farming includes planting, watering, picking vegetables, compost making and everything needed for our organic farm.


Making flowerbeds, garden paths, etc. Taking care of the environment, cleaning forests and marshland, collecting garbage from outside.

Humanitarian work.

Helping lonely old villagers to take care of their gardens, animals, and homes. We conduct educational projects for the villagers. We teach them English, give lectures on eco-farming, building, etc.

5:30 — wake-up call

6-7:30 — asana/pranayama/meditation (optional attendance)

8:00 — breakfast

9:00 — 12:00 — volunteering (Monday — Saturday)

12:00 13:0 —  free time

13:00 — lunch

14:00 — 16:00 — volunteering (Monday — Friday)

16:00-18:00 — asana/pranayama/meditation (optional attendance)

19:00 — dinner

20:00-21:30 — bonfire/movie/free time

22:00 — lights off


Sunday — day-off